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Trumpet Consultant

Growing up in the 80's and 90's Jerome Callet's trumpets and mouthpieces were well-known in the trumpet world.  Equally well-known were his teaching methods and ideas about effective sound production on the trumpet.  Many brass players consider Jerome Callet one of the greatest brass teachers alive today.

Building on the legacy of Jerome's Jazz Trumpet and Jazz Fluegelhorn Lee Adams is now offering the Next Generation Callet Jazz Trumpet and Flugelhorn to a new generation of trumpet players. 

Lee Adams and James Knabe have partnered together to bring the new next generation of Callet trumpets and flugelhorns to players all over the USA.  James is available for clinics/master classes and individual trumpet and mouthpiece fittings/consultations. 


Chicago Area Callet.Com and Northern Brass Event-Aurora, IL August 31, 2017

Callet Jazz Gen 2

This is one of the trumpets that set the standard for modern super horns. Beautiful sound in any register, great intonation, response, exceptional projection. Upper register response and slotting to handle modern trumpet literature with ease. While hugely popular among lead trumpeters it also found its way into Symphony Orchestras and everywhere in between.

Callet Jazz Flugelhorn Gen 2

Utilizing a radically new slide routing, the Callet Jazz Flugelhorn ended the long existing intonation problems inherent in flugelhorns. The new routing, a .460 bore, and the custom 6" bronze bell produces a rich, dark sound with outstanding evenness and superior power in every register, even the high end.

Generation II Improvements: A new and improved lead pipe resulting in enhanced response, sound and intonation with final testing and tweaking assistance from George Rawlin.


Studio Artist

This trumpet comes in Standard and LT models.  Combining the best classic designs with the technology of today. 

The bell is based on the unique 4.75" "Jazz" bell.  Excellent response and slotting from low F# to double high C.  Includes a precision valve alignment with exclusive port balancing. Special micro-lap valve and slide fitting. Valve port edges are hand polished.


These mouthpieces are built by Gary Radtke of GR Mouthpieces.  This unique alpha angle design was developed in order to keep the chops supple and free to vibrate, yet provide support and fast, clean articulations.

These mouthpieces are known for their solid sound in all registers, pointed articulations, and acrobatic flexibility. 

2017 Events/James' Availability Calendar

5/30-6/3 International Trumpet Guild Conference in Hershey, PA

7/1/17 Callet Trumpet Event @ Rosso Music Center Baltimore, MD

8/31/17 Chicago Area Trumpet and Mouthpiece Event Naperville/Aurora, IL

Fall 2017: Regionally around Dallas/Ft Worth as available

Individual and Group Consultations

Clinics and Events

James is offering special group and individual consultations for trumpet players.  He also offers clinics and master classes on the business of music and performance/teaching topics.

These consultations and clinics will help you address playing/performance issues and select the right custom trumpet and mouthpiece for your playing needs.  James offers his experience and training in preparation, performance, and trumpet equipment technology.

If you are interested in learning more or booking James for an event please Contact James: