Family Faith Journey Stop #1--Little Rock, Arkansas

Our first stop our Faith tour has been exciting and educational.  We are parked right near the Arkansas River and the skyline of Little Rock is in sight.  We walked the Clinton Pedestrian Bridge the first night.  Our second night brought a massive rain storm and we picked up 3+ inches in less that 12 hours.  We woke up to find that our RV had sprung a leak in several places! 

 Crossing the border from Texas to Arkansas

Crossing the border from Texas to Arkansas

Every place we go we make sure to expand our knowledge and learn history, science, and more.  We visited the Little Rick Central High School and the NPS Visitor Center/Mueseum to learn about the Little Rock Nine and our country's checkered history with segregation and the fight for desegregation and equality.  If only we saw each other as God does---we are each His special creation---no matter the color of our skin or our nationality.

 Visitor Center, Little Rock High School National Park Service

Visitor Center, Little Rock High School National Park Service

We've had some fantastic divine connections...meeting a family that travels doing Southern Gospel music, sharing Pslam 91 cards and resources with Little Rock Fire and Police, as well as meeting a few people that we were able to encourage and bless people in their time of need through prayer, financial need, and blessing.

These divine connections and ministry opportunities are the lifeblood of why we are on this journey!

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What are the anchors in your life?

What are the anchors that keep you grounded and focused on the right things?

Here is a short list of my anchors

  1. My Relationship and Fellowship with Jesus Christ
  2. My lovely family---daily quality time with everyone
  3. Daily Bible Study, Journaling, and Prayer Time
  4. Daily Exercise
  5. Friends and Fellowship
  6. Plans and Prep for next day (the night before)

I would also add living a life filled with worship and prayer.  Focusing on my Creator and being open and available to His calling and plans for each day.  Being available to Bless Lives that come across my path.

What are your anchors?  Would you like to change some of your anchors?  Over the years I have made many changes in this area.  Don't be afraid to challenge your habits and anchors.  Seek out G-d's wisdom and He will show you the way!

Spiritual Refueling

We all need it!  My family and I just arrived in Dallas for an extended visit. Spiritual refueling and connection are the top two reasons for our visit.  Our current home church is here along with a great community of believers.  There is a spiritual intensity here in Dallas that is very unique.

There are excellent bible teachers in the area along with prophetic and healing ministries that are very real and genuine in their focus on all parts of the Holy Trinity. 

Wherever we are in the country our family is committed to spiritual growth.  If we are not building ourselves up and strengthening in connection with G-d how can be of any use to Him as we travel the country?

My encouragement to each of you today---make time to connect with G-d.  Refuel spiritually so that you are ready for what the day will bring.  It needs to be our top priority!

Music Ministry in the Chicago Area Winter 2015/16

As we prepare to travel to our next destination I wanted to reflect on some music ministry and other musical highlights from our visit to the Midwest.

In December of 2015 my family and I were blessed with a weekend at Fox Valley Baptist Church in East Dundee, IL.  Pastor Phil Zilinski and his wife Tammy were amazing hosts.  All eight of us were able to be there to minister, connect, and encourage.  I had the opportunity to share some special music "Mary did you know?" and "The Battle Belongs to the Lord"  We also shared our family ministry movie and Pastor Phil gave me the opportunity to share our updated story and what G-d has been doing in the life of our family in 2015.  We had great time with many in the congregation.  They were generous and supportive of our calling and mission.  Pastor Phil and Tammy have become great friends and examples for us as we minister in the world.

 My musical colleagues at St. Margaret Mary in Naperville, IL

My musical colleagues at St. Margaret Mary in Naperville, IL

During the 2015 Christmas season I had several opportunities to make music with my good friend John Schlaman.  John is the Music Director at St. Margaret Mary in Naperville, IL.  John and I have collaborated on many musical occasions over the last ten years.  I joined him for Christmas Eve, Christmas and two special Sundays after Christmas.  The picture above is from a couple of years back but many of the players were the same this year.

I have always enjoyed teaching and mentoring students in music.  During this Midwest visit I was blessed with many opportunities to teach and encourage music students in both Illinois and Iowa.  I was invited to give master classes with several middle/high schools as well as several brass days at Westlake Christian Academy in Grayslake, IL. 

In January I had the opportunity to spend quality time with one of my mentors and good friend Pastor Ron Markese of Calvary Church in Naperville, IL.  Pastor Ron has been an invaluable resource as I work to build this traveling/itinerant ministry.  He has a wealth of experience and I appreciate his counsel.

At the end of January I was invited to share music and testimony at the Church of the Nazarene in Mudelein, IL.  My host family the Weitzel's were terrific hosts and the congregation was very welcoming.  I shared special music "Breathe" "You Are Good" and "Te Deum" as well as an updated family ministry movie and testimony.

It has been a great season in the Midwest.  Thanks to our family and friends for the love, encouragement and support.  We look forward to our next visit to the area in November/December 2016.