What are the anchors in your life?

What are the anchors that keep you grounded and focused on the right things?

Here is a short list of my anchors

  1. My Relationship and Fellowship with Jesus Christ
  2. My lovely family---daily quality time with everyone
  3. Daily Bible Study, Journaling, and Prayer Time
  4. Daily Exercise
  5. Friends and Fellowship
  6. Plans and Prep for next day (the night before)

I would also add living a life filled with worship and prayer.  Focusing on my Creator and being open and available to His calling and plans for each day.  Being available to Bless Lives that come across my path.

What are your anchors?  Would you like to change some of your anchors?  Over the years I have made many changes in this area.  Don't be afraid to challenge your habits and anchors.  Seek out G-d's wisdom and He will show you the way!