Music Ministry

James has been involved with music in ministry for most of his adult life.  After becoming a Christian believer in college he began to serve in churches in both orchestra, praise band, and solo ministry.  He has shared his music at churches and special events all across the country.  During the last five years James has been involved in music ministry around the country.  He has also been sharing his family's story and the incredible transformation that G-d has done in their lives. James also sounds the shofar and teaches about the role of the shofar in history and contemporary times.

Here are a few videos of James sharing special music...


Teaching and Speaking Ministry

James teaches on many topics that have developed out of his own faith walk and the spiritual development of the entire Knabe family.  James utilizes stories, testimonies, and scripture to bring hope and inspiration to the body of Christ.

Some of the topics for teaching include:

  • The Power of Your Words---Power of Life and Death
  • Your Identity is the Key to a Victorious Life
  • Finding Peace, Hope, and Purpose In A Chaotic World
  • My Transformation from an Unbelieving Christian to a Believing Christian

Below are some of James' audio and video excerpts of messages, interviews as well as blog shorts on a variety of topics: