James is available for bookings for the following services. If you would like more information please reach out to James to discuss options, available dates, and details.


Trumpet Performance

Worship, Classical, Chamber Music, Soloist, Ceremonial Artist, Studio Musician

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Shofar Sounder/Performer

Christian and Messianic Services, Shabbat Services, Sounding for Groups and Events, Ceremonial and Special Events

Trumpet and Shofar Performance

As a trumpet player James has performed professionally across the USA and also in Europe. James has sounded the shofar in churches and for events around the country.

James’ Trumpet Performance Specialties Include:

  • Classical (Solo, Chamber, and Orchestral. Opera)

  • Ceremonial (Weddings, Funerals, Celebrations)

  • Christian Worship (Traditional, Orchestral, Solo, and Contemporary with Worship Team)

  • Trumpet and Soprano

  • Broadway Shows and Commercial Styles

James’ Shofar Sounding/Performance Specialties Include:

  • Special Church Services around High Holy Days (Lent and Easter Season, Rosh Hoshanah and Yom Kippur, as well as Christmas Season)

  • Ceremonial Ocassions (Weddings, Funerals, Celebrations)

  • Praise and Worship as well as Calls to Worship

Please Contact James if you are interested in his services for further information and rates

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Teaching Trumpet Lessons

Live and Online Lessons and Coaching Available


James teaching a Shofar Workshop

Trumpet and Shofar Lessons

James offers cutting-edge teaching and coaching for current and aspiring trumpet players of all ages and abilities. As a professional performer and teacher for more than 20 years James brings experience, excitement, and unique perspectives to the table.

James is also an accomplished shofar player/sounder. The ancient version of the trumpet (the shofar) comes most often in the form of a Yemenite (Kudu) Shofar Horn or a Ram’s Horn. James teaches the historical and practical aspects of playing these instruments in historical and faith contexts. He also draws on his experience as a brass instrument player and teacher to teach embouchure, articulation, airflow, and sound development.

You can study the trumpet or shofar privately with James in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area as well as over Skype or Facetime Video. James also travels and can come to you for master classes and coaching as well as larger events across the USA and the world.

Please Contact James if you are interested in his services for further information and rates.

Life & Faith COnsulting Services

James brings a whole new perspective to helping people in their life planning, development, and implementation. His focus is working with Christian people of all ages to take their life, work, family life, and dreams to a new level. James’ background includes life in the corporate world (sales, marketing, training, recruiting) as well as life as a professional creative (performing musician, music education, theatre stage and backstage, and more). James is also active in ministry both in service at his home church but also as he and his family travel the country.

James’ will meet with you in-person or via Skype/Facetime to bring new ideas and perspective to your life. He will work with you to develop and implement a new action plan. James has a multitude of resources and connections that will help you to become the person that God created you to be.

Please Contact James if you are interested in his services for further information and rates.

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