Knabe Family Faith Journey 2019

helping and blessing people in 17 states over 100 days with more than 6,000 miles on the road. Summer 2019

Trumpet of Glory Ministries

Trumpet of Glory Ministries is a 501c3 Not-For-Profit Ministry that is the Knabe Family Ministry.

The purpose of Trumpet of Glory Ministries is to encourage people to live a life of powerful faith and true freedom through a vital relationship with Jesus Christ. This will be accomplished through biblical teaching, music worship, relationship building, and evangelism throughout the USA and the world.

Major stops during the Summer of 2019:

Northern Georgia ✦ Greensboro, NC ✦ Coastal Virginia ✦Washington, D.C. ✦ Central Pennsylvania ✦ Philadelphia, PA ✦ Upstate NY ✦ Boston, MA ✦ Southern Maine ✦ Niagara Falls ✦ Cleveland, OH ✦ Northeast Indiana/Southern Michigan ✦ Chicago, IL ✦ Iowa ✦ Missouri/Ozarks ✦


Calendar of Events

Summer 2019 Faith Journey across USA

(Trumpet Ministry, Speaking and Teaching on the Life of Faith, Psalm 91-First Responders, Men’s Groups, Shofar Workshops/Teaching)

6/2/19 Ministry Event @ Central Avenue Baptist Church, Trion, GA

6/2/19 Ministry Event @ First Baptist Church, Summerville, GA

6/7/2019 Psalm 91 Ministry (First Responders) Colonial Beach, VA

6/11-6/21 Ministry to CBMC Men’s Groups in Central PA

6/16/19 Ministry Event @ Highway Tabernacle Church, Philadelphia, PA

6/19/19 Psalm 91 Heroes Ministry to First Responders of Philadelphia

June 2019 Shofar Ministry over Central PA and Philadelphia, PA

6/18-6/22/2019 Serving at GAIN Humanitarian Packing Event, Lancaster, PA

6/23 James Interview on Souled Out Radio/Hamilton Radio w/ John Accunzo

July/August 2019 One-on-One Ministry with Men in the Marketplace/CBMC

July 2019 Psalm 91 Heroes Ministry to First Responders of Boston

August 15/17 2019 Psalm 91 Heroes Ministry to First Responders of Chicago

8/18/19 Ministry Event @ Fox Valley Baptist Church, E. Dundee, IL

Many more Encounters and events too numerous to share here…


Scrapbook of Knabe Family (Trumpet of Glory) USA Mission Summer 2019


NW Georgia

Ministry: First Baptist Summerville, GA + Central Avenue Bpatist (Trion, GA)

+ SHofar Sounding and Prayer

Education: DeSoto Falls and Desoto State Park


NW Georgia

Ministry: Teaching, Music, Leading Worship, Shofar Teaching and Sounding

At Summerville First Baptist Church June 2, 2019 at the 6pm service.

Coastal Virginia

Ministry: Psalm 91 to First Responders


VA/Washington D.C.

Education: George Washington Birthplace, Day in Washington D.C.-Smithsonian Air and Space+National Archives+Washington Monument+Lincoln Memorial

Knabe Family @Highway Tabernacle Church in Philadelphia-Leading Worship, Sharing Message, Sounding Shofar

Knabe Family @Highway Tabernacle Church in Philadelphia-Leading Worship, Sharing Message, Sounding Shofar


Central Pennsylvania

Ministry: Ministry to CBMC Men’s Groups and Psalm 91 Partnership, Serve at GAIN (Humanitarian Arm of CRU), Psalm 91 to first responders in Harrisburg, Dauphin County, and more


Philadelphia, PA

Ministry: Highway Tabernacle Church Church Service/Ministry as a family, Psalm 91 to Philadelphia First Responders-Philly Police

These are the ways that we will be ministering and blessing people throughout this summer journey:


Trumpet and Shofar Sounding

James will be sharing special music on the trumpet at churches and events along with a message about his family’s journey of faith.

He will also be sounding the shofar & teaching on the historical & current significance of the Shofar. Additionally James will sound the shofar combined with prayer over people for protection, blessing, and healing.

Psalm 91 Heroes

James and his family have a heart for our First Responders. Our Police, Fire, Sheriff, and EMS departments have an important role in all of our communities and we are interested in encouraging, helping, and blessing these men and women.

The Knabe’s visit First Respoder stations all over the country and share laminated Psalm 91 cards and devotionals written for First Responders. We pray with them and over their department. Additionally, James sounds the Shofar of protection, blessing, and healing over these departments as often as he can.


BUILD fellowship+encourage & help people

As the Knabe’s travel James and his sons reach out to Men’s CBMC (Christian Business Men) groups. Sharing their story and ministry and encouraging the men to step out in faith. There is also a special focus encouraging men to join in with the Psalm 91 Heroes ministry and reach out to local First Responders.

James and his family also reach out to people in the communities and campgrounds. Seeking to help with projects like GAIN in Pennsylvania and with individuals who need encouragement and help all across the USA.

The Knabe family also seeks to bless older people with reminiscence and memory care through the power of music. They share music and love through ConnectLives.