Family sharing music at an Assisted Living facility in Denton, TX

Family sharing music at an Assisted Living facility in Denton, TX

Our family loves to share music, fellowship, and other giftings with people of all ages.  We are especially blessed when we have opportunities to work with people who are in the golden years of their life. 

With ConnectLives we bring music and compassion in to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, long-term care units, and individuals homes.

Music is very therapeutic and can help people stimulate their memories, offer hope and purpose, and rediscover joy.  

At one of our ConnectLives Events we had the pleasure of meeting this terrific lady. She shared a limerick she created spontaneously for us!

James, Deb, and the children go beyond the music and offer their different life skills and talents to these precious people including: 

  • Musical Sing-Alongs with Music of Earlier Generations
  • Interviews+Doing a Collage of their Life
  • Teaching Technology with James+Philip
  • Sports Talk and Companionship with Jay
  • Crafting and Companionship with Carissa
  • Encouragement/Conversation Time
  • Follow-Up and Relationship Building

We offer all of these things with no cost or obligation to the residents or facilities that we serve in.

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