Life Outside The Box

Dramatic swings and changes in our culture, technology, and general way-of-life is the new norm.   How can we adapt?  Can we get ahead of the curve? Are we stuck in this cycle?  How can we thrive in our personal, family, and work lives? 

James and his family live a counter-culture life.  They have learned to turn the world on it's side and how to live a blessed life outside of the box.  For the last five years the Knabe's lived on the road following a life of faith characterized by ministry, artistic and business ventures, discipleship, and learning how to live day to day outside of the box of cultural normalcy.  James and his family live in an RV full-time.  He developed several unique businesses and opportunities to provide for his family.  He and his family learned many secrets to success to thrive in our ever-changing world. 

Now out of their home base of Dallas, TX they continue their unique life and share their story of faith with people across the USA.

   James shares music and message at churches and venues across the country.  

He is also a Performing Artist, Life-Change/Business Consultant, and Teacher/Coach

James partners with Callet Custom Trumpets presenting clinics on trumpets/artistic development and doing one-on-one trumpet and mouthpiece fittings with clients.

Knabe Family Ministry

The Knabe family works together to bless people through family & relational ministry.  James teaches biblical principles & spirit-filled living along with his work in music ministry.  James' wife Deb and several of the children join James making music on instruments & voice.  The Knabe family has also pioneered the ConnectLives Initiative blessing the lives of our elders through music and the arts.

To learn more about James' music/speaking ministry+Knabe Family Faith life Click Here

                                                                   The Knabe Family Winter 2015-16     Photo Credit: Rebekah Mae Photography

                                                                   The Knabe Family Winter 2015-16     Photo Credit: Rebekah Mae Photography

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