The Knabe Family:  We Live Life Outside of The Box

Dramatic swings and changes in our culture, technology, and general way-of-life is the new norm.   How can we adapt?  Can we get ahead of the curve? Are we stuck in this cycle?  How can we thrive in our personal, family, and work lives? 

James and his family have learned to turn the world on it's side and how to live a blessed life outside of the box.   

The Knabe family work together in ministry around the country with a special focus to families, men, and first responders.  James and his family also share their music and story with people as they travel the country together. 

Their message is one of hope, joy, and love!   

James and his family are based in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

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James Knabe, Trumpet Performer and teacher


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James has played the trumpet professionally around the world.  His training includes studies at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA and has studied with the Boston Symphony and Boston Pops musicians.  James' main focus is music ministry, church music, classical music, trumpet with strings, trumpet with voice, as well as contemporary music including broadway shows.

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James Knabe, Shofar Sounder and Educator


James sounds the Shofar at church services and over cities and people as he travels the country.  James also sounds the Shofar at his home church Gateway Church (with multiple locations in the Dallas-Fort-Worth area).  Gateway is home to one of the largest Messianic Jewish congregations in the country.  James also teaches on the significance of the Shofar in history as well in the present-day. 

If you are interested in James' services as a Shofar artist you can contact him HERE 

You can also visit James' Sound the Shofar Page HERE


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