Knabe Family Ministry

                                                                                                        Knabe Family Christmas 2017

                                                                                                      Knabe Family Christmas 2017

Life Outside The Box

Dramatic swings and changes in our culture, technology, and general way-of-life is the new norm.   How can we adapt?  Can we get ahead of the curve? Are we stuck in this cycle?  How can we thrive in our personal, family, and work lives? 

James  his family have learned to turn the world on it's side and how to live a blessed life outside of the box.   

The Knabe family work together in ministry around the country with a special focus to families, first responders, and men.  James and his family share their music with people locally and nationally as they travel the country together.

James is a trumpet artist and teacher based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  James also is also in-demand as a shofar sounder/artist. 

James and his family are based in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and travel the country regularly for ministry and musical projects.

                                                                     The Knabe Family Winter 2015-16     Photo Credit:  Rebekah Mae Photography

                                                                   The Knabe Family Winter 2015-16     Photo Credit: Rebekah Mae Photography

The Knabe's are all about music and message.  Their life is filled with music with members of the family sharing music of many styles    through voice, trumpet, piano/keyboards, guitar, ukelele, drums, and percussion.  Their message is one of hope, joy, and love!                

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